Johnny Aitken: Cultural Consultant

2spirit multidisciplinary artist

Coast Salish, Haida and Scottish ancestry

Johnny identifies as First Nations. Pronouns are He/Him

Hello Theatre Folks,

How does a Settler integrate Indigenous content into their theatre production without doing harm?

I recently made the challenging decision to retire from being an active performer on stage…mostly!!

I have decided to offer sharing my knowledge as an Indigenous person, to be a Cultural Consultant. Do you have a project, a production where you could benefit from speaking to an Indigenous person to assist in making a decision or decisions? I am here! I am a safe person to have these discussions with, I do not judge, and I am open to clear discussion with an open heart.

Reconciliation, truth, and healing are at the forefront of all I do!

My goal is to help guide you in telling the story that you want to tell, without disrespecting Indigenous Folks. This is not an easy task! We will be doing some fumbling, there is no clear path to doing this right. Decolonizing one’s practice will take years to develop as Indigenous Folks continue to heal from their multiple injustices and the systemic racism they have endured. This potential for collaboration is part of that journey, and gives all an opportunity to heal and create together.

  • "Johnny is calm, kind and grounded when entering into conversations fumbling towards reconciliation, and I appreciate that he creates space for the fumbling and not-knowing. I'm grateful to work with him."

    ~ Ingrid Hansen SNAFU Society of Unexpected Spectacles
  • “Johnny Aitken brings an openness and warmth to any group he is a part of and is able to facilitate thoughtful discussions and speak to difficult issues in the spirit of collaboration and "fumbling" together towards truth and healing. He is a joy to work with both on a personal level and professionally.”

    ~ Lauren Matys (Mann) Creative Director, Ptarmigan Arts on Pender Island, BC

Contact Information

1 (778) 239-2525

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We can negotiate a fair fee. My standard asks:

$250 to up to a max of 3 hours
Travel and accommodations are additional.

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