The ReDress Project

The ReDress Project was started in 2010 by Metis artist Jaime Black. Jaime started this project to bring awareness to the disproportionate  number of missing and murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, Trans and Two-spirit individuals  in Canada. This project has also just recently made its way to America, where there are similar, if not equal disproportionate numbers.

In Northern B.C. there is a section of high-way that stretches from Prince George to Prince Rupert, along this section, many Indigenous women go missing hitch hiking between these communities. Many of these women go missing during the harsh winter months and go unnoticed.

Special thanks to Amber Harvey for the poem which became the lyrics for the soundtrack created by Crystal DjKwe Favel.

Photographs are courtesy of  Toby Snelgrove and Bill Jamieson.

Last year Johnny received an Equity Grant from the CRD. With this grant, Johnny created a short film addressing the disproportionate number of Indigenous women, girls, trans and two-spirit individuals who go missing in Canada. This film’s title: Washed up! Johnny is currently pondering the future of this film, he plans to release it to the general public in 2021. Below are a few images from this project:


Photo Credits: Toby Snelgrove

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